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In May of 2014 KSB Dental became one of the first dental software products to become a 2014 Stage 2 Certified Electronic Health Record by the Drummond Group (national testing body).  A recent guidance paper by the AAPD estimates that at least 70% of pediatric dentists are involved with Medicaid.   Since 98% of our clients are pediatric dentists, we recognized that this was an area that we could demonstrate our “all-in” commitment to our clients.

As of this writing KSB has helped a large number of pediatric dentists receive their first incentive payment of $21,250.00.   We are now helping those same practices demonstrate “Meaningful Use” to collect on the remaining benefits available of $42,000.   However, the financial windfall that most of these practices are using to implement state-of-the-art technology is only one benefit of the Electronic Health Record Initiative.

KSB Dental decided early on that we would not take the low road to implementation.  A cottage industry was born by this initiative.  Very bare bone creations were manufactured in attempt to just meet the legal certification requirements with little or no thought to the product actually being implemented.   This placed many practices in the unfortunate circumstance of getting the first level funding (placing themselves “on the clock” for EHR implementations) with no hope for implementation, without a painful workload of mandated entries outside their normal software workflow.

The high road from our perspective;  “If its worth doing, its worth doing right”.  We decided to embrace “the spirit” of the EHR Initiative to improve healthcare.   We chose a path in 2011 of rewriting our core applications from scratch.  This was a 3 year undertaking, pursued from the objective that when complete, even pediatric practices not driven by the Medicaid mandates would want to implement the capabilities on their merits alone.

We are proud to announce we have arrived at a product that is imminently able to be implemented!  WOW, how underwhelming is that announcement?  However, considering the need to operate at the “speed of pedo”, practices are well served being able to achieve compliance while maintaining their current practice volume.   But the even more exciting announcement from our perspective is that KSB has achieved the original goal of fundamentally reshaping EHR perception from one of obligation, mandate and even negative, to one of high quality patient care management capabilities desirable in any pediatric dental practice.  These advancements are being rolled out one Digital Workflow Automation advancement after another.


“This DOX|Pedo EHR version 2.0 is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.”

Costs and Limitations

Disclosure of Additional Costs: 

  • This certified product, DOX | Pedo EHR version 2.0, is intended as a compliment to the DOX | Pedo software suite for pediatric dental offices.  As such it requires a one-time fee for the installation, configuration, and user training of the DOX | Pedo software suite.  This includes the management, dental charting, and e-commerce offering.  If the purchaser has already implemented other offerings within the DOX | Pedo software suite then the fees are reduce accordingly.
  • In addition this certified product, DOX | Pedo EHR version 2.0, may require ongoing monthly costs to support online patient services.
  • This certified product, DOX | Pedo EHR version 2.0, also requires a one-time setup fee as well as ongoing monthly costs to support the use of our electronic prescription portal.
  • This certified product, DOX | Pedo EHR version 2.0, may also require one-time setup fees for establishing any interface that the purchaser may require in order to report to immunization registries or public health agencies.

 Disclosure of Contractual Obligations:

  • The provider is required to sign a contract prior to receipt of the software.  This contract includes a software license agreement which prevents unauthorized sharing or transfer of the software to any third party.  It also requires the provider to pay the one-time product licensing fee which is outlined in the contract itself.  This fee includes the one-time fees described above and includes the first year’s support.

 Disclosure of Technical or Practical Limitations:

  • This certified product, DOX | Pedo EHR version 2.0, integrates a separately certified product to facilitate electronic prescription capabilities.  KSB Inc., provides the setup and support of this feature but if complex technical problems are encountered within the e-prescribe portal itself the client may need to engage with the 3rd party (Emdeon), with the assistance of KSB Inc., to receive the necessary support and resolution.