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Since the inception of  DOX|Structured Chart Module the clinical recordkeeping module, the inherent dynamics of focusing on the needs of the pediatric dental practice has forced us to be capable of handling orthodontics.  However, forced is perhaps telling of our focus in this specialty, especially as it relates to clinical recordkeeping.

10 years ago the DOX|Management Module was born with a specific focus of handling Orthodontic billing needs.  Today this module is lights out in its ability to handle the complex nature of a dual specialty practice, particularly as it relates to managing finances, both for the patient and practice alike.  Advanced capabilities make handling contracts, payment plans, and pedo/ortho billings in ONE patient account a breeze.  When we convert practices from Supply House apps, we are more often than not doing extra specialized conversion coding to merge accounts into a single account to get rid of the nightmare of having to have multiple accounts for patients/families.

More recently the DOX|Structured Chart Module was coupled with advanced custom form technology that allows us to build ANY exam form the practice may need to handle their clinical record keeping.  This provided KSB with a way to meet sophisticated Orthodontic exam/evaluation/Tx Planning needs.  For many years this was how we rose to the occasion to help our Orthodontists meet their clinical needs.   Although powerful, this still treated Orthodontists as a secondary focus versus a primary focus.

In 2012 KSB Dental released the new DOX|Ortho Treatment Card Module.  This feature now allows the Orthodontist to manage their ortho cases from one screen versus having to wade through the pediatric charting/narrative at every visit.  As with all of our clinical endeavors, our guiding principles during design were; there are as many ways to document orthodontic care as there are Orthodontists.  This highly tailored program allows for an independent OR integrated view at any time.