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The Management Module is the core of our family of products. Our long history of serving the pediatric dental community for management use, guarantees a broad understanding/satisfaction of what is needed to manage a pediatric dental practice.  Also, having clarity of focus in pedo/ortho operations means we are never confused about what is most important in our development priorities.  Whether you are a resident in a startup situation, single/multi practitioner practice, large office/hospital, or a multi-location practice with cloud needs, DOX|Pedo can be ideally configured to meet your needs.

Core management features have become a commodity, from the perspective that they can be found in most applications written for dental practices.  We provide all the core capabilities you might expect with the added specificity of pediatric dental fluency in each and every element you see listed here.

Primary Management Elements

-Appointment Scheduling



-Claims Processing


-Referral Management


-Financial Reporting

-Orthodontic Support

-Web Integration

Regardless of the challenges you face, we have likely seen it before.  Our training and implementation services are truly consultative.  KSB’s guidance is backed by a long history of field-work assisting pediatric dentists to elevate their practice management strategies with technology assistance.  You will not be required to spend your time educating the trainer (although every pediatric dentist we serve adds to our collective IQ in serving this community of dentists).

We have the most detailed conversion process in the industry, to help you become a part of our family of pediatric dentists & orthodontists.