DOX|Pedo and Client Collaboration

Anyone who truly understands the highly-specialized nature of pediatric dentistry understands that a lot is happening in a compressed amount of time.  Dentists who serve children are a unique group and care for “precious cargo” every day.  They provide these important health services with a high bar of “standard of care” (put in place by the doctor themselves), but also face ever-increasing demands by external regulatory forces.

The often conflicting structure in designing and implementing technology for pediatric dentistry is the challenge of balancing “Quality and Time”.  When Quality is the goal, Time is the variable, and when Time is the goal Quality can be the variable.  Yet, in pediatric dentistry, Time is a fixed commodity with Quality being demanded in all areas (ex, patient care visit and simultaneous chart documentation).  This conflicting reality creates a great deal of pressure on the underlying technology to perform with increasing levels of mastery.  Within our DOX|Pedo Technology Suite™, this increased efficiency is represented by a nuanced understanding of how to dot the I’s and cross the T’s for many connected elements while the team goes about their normal workflow in a highly efficient and productive manner.

Working @ The Speed of Pedo™ is an organizing principle and mission, in that it impacts all of our activities from design/development to training and support.  At KSB Dental we take a lot of pride in constantly examining ways we can dial in the technology infrastructure so that our customers can benefit from what we refer to as “digital workflow automation”.  Our primary aim is for the dental team to able to do “everything” (examining, diagnosing, treatment planning, recording of progress notes, as well as the hand-off to the front) @ The Speed of Pedo, while also dealing successfully with topics like behavior and the dual audience of minors and parents.  This clinical workflow is just a small subset of the daily activities that can benefit from KSB’s “digital workflow automation”.

Digital Workflow Automation for us is the next step of elegance in understanding the nuances of a specialty like pediatric dentistry to the point of information being acquired and utilized in a natural flow to avoid redundancy and handle other downstream needs.  We recognize the concept is predicated on the idea that the information flows from A to Z without dropping to paper, and action A automatically triggers action B, which then launches C, etc.  Having vital patient care information existing on paper subverts elegant flow and compounds errors.

KSB Dental has always focused specifically on the needs of pediatric dentists and by extension the orthodontists present in our large number of dual-specialty practices.  We help offices every day with simple questions as well as challenging audits and practice flow evaluation/training.  KSB Dental prides itself on being a true leader in pediatric dental technology in that we are consistently building entirely new capabilities into our software that exist in no other products.  Why?  Because we anticipate the needs of a pediatric practice at the minutia as well as the elevated practical level, and understand the challenges of every team member’s role in dentistry.  Our team works daily with the practices we serve to provide full-on customization of the application and tools to fit not only pediatric dentistry, but your individual practice methodology.

Your patients rely on a specialist, shouldn’t you?

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